Did you know most of us are cleansing incorrectly?

Makeup removal and cleansing is not the same thing
While it may seem like you are removing all of your makeup with your regular cleanser, you aren’t actually removing it completely. We recommend using a separate eye makeup remover for around the eyes, eyelashes and brows followed by a toner and an oil based cleanser/ moisturizing oil on a cotton pad to removed the rest of your makeup. After these steps, it is time to use your cleanser to clean your skin.
Using the right cleanser
As your skin changes, you may need to change your cleanser to ensure you are not striping or irritating your skin. If you have an oily skin type, it is best to use a gel cleanser as it removes oil and dirt without stripping the skin. If your skin is dry or sensitive, it is best to use a milk cleanser to stop any irritation and help maintain natural oils that keep your skin hydrated.
Washing your face twice a day
Even if you have washed your face the night before, by morning, your skin has a build up of bacteria as well as dead cells and oil that your skin has pushed to the surface. This is why it is important to cleanse your skin in the a.m as well!
Some scrubs can actually do more harm then good
Even though exfoliating is a very important step in your skin care routine, there are some products on the market that will microscopically cut or scratch the skin. It is best to research your exfoliator carefully before purchasing and be gentle when applying. If you are a mechanical cleansing brush user, be sure to find the right balance for your skin as too much use can do more harm than good. We recommend starting with once a week and build up to twice a week and make sure you clean the brush well as they can easily harvest bacteria. If you would prefer using a alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) or salicylic acid products, please consult your skin consultant before any use.
Lukewarm water is best
Hot water may feel good on your skin and cold water helps you wake up and feel refreshed in the morning, but these temperatures can actually strip the moisture from your skin. Use lukewarm water instead to avoid your skin from becoming dry, red and itchy.