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Anti-aging Facial: Smooth away the lines of time with this highly effective anti-ageing system. Elana has specifically designed the perfect Anti-Ageing facial using both Ilcsi and Simplicité products. Using the best certified organic products from both lines, we provide the best possible ingredients to fight ageing! Using specific lifting massage techniques that exercise the muscles which firm and lift, as well as a unique lifting mask that reduces the signs on photo-ageing, calms inflammation & will have you leave the facial feeling your skin lifted and tightened!

Ilcsi Peeling Facial: Our peeling treatment is really amazing! Your skin will be renewed, leaving you with a fresh new look that people can’t help but notice. It is highly effective on blemishes, visible pores and fine lines, and the great news is that the down time is minimal (1 to 4 hours). The reason these products work so well is because they are made from pure, certified organic ingredients, do not contain preservatives, stabilizers and solvents (such as alcohol), and are around 4 times stronger than herbal extracts.

Ilcsi Peeling Facial Course: To receive the most benefit from this facial, we recommend a course of 1 facial every week for 4 weeks, and once or twice a year thereafter. The reason for this is your skin’s cellular turnover which is approximately 4 weeks and these treatments will allow the peel to get deeper into the tissue without damaging your skin cells. Please contact our Elana Jade staff for terms and conditions. To keep your skin in peak condition, we recommend the Anti-Ageing or Conditioning facial once a month in between the course.

Conditioning Facial: A relaxing facial that is essential for maintaining the skins freshness and glow. The cocktail of Simplicité skincare will ensure radiant and supple skin. An important step in any skincare regime! Consisting of a thorough cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), massage, mask and moisturize.

Mens Down to Earth Facial: Deep cleansing and exfoliation is used to soothe and invigorate your skin reducing shaving bumps, acne and other skin irritations. This is followed by a hydrating mask, eye rescue, and moisturiser leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and ready to make a memorable first impression!

Teenage Facial: Looking after your skin should be introduced at a young age. Especially through our teenage years when our hormones are changing, your skin can start to breakout and will start needing special attention. This facial includes a thorough cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), mask and moisturize.

Express Facial: An express facial that is designed for a quick ‘pick me up’ which consists of a thorough cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask and moisturize for an instant boost!

Back Facial: A back facial removes black heads, pimples and dry skin, and is also great for anyone who wants to improve the smoothness of their back! A deep cleanse & exfoliation is followed by a steam, extractions (if required), mask, and moisturiser.


Skin CareSimplicité skin care  is Australian-made and owned. This skin care line is richly nutritive and highly concentrated and is ‘medicinal grade’ quality. Even better, the FRESH plant extracts used to make these products are traditionally hand-made, ensuring the highest possible quality. Simplicité Skin Care’s philosophy is simple – give skin all the nutrients and vital antioxidants it needs and it will become the very best it can be!

Ilcsi skin care delivers pure skincare treatments to beautify your skin from the inside out and has highly effective results on all skin types. They contain highly-active, certified organic ingredients with no artificial colours, parabens, glycerin of animal origin, and is not tested on animals. Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson are just a few who have used Ilcsi. So give it a try, the only thing you have to lose are your wrinkles! 

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