What is the right nail shape for you?

A right nail shape should fit the length, thickness and the shape of your fingers. 

Consider your lifestyle, your style, the shape of your fingers, you can choose from many nail shapes.

Round Shape

Finger type: thick fingers with wide nails beds.

Features: a round shape is a universal shape, which can be maintained both at home and with the help of a professional.

Oval Shape

Finger type: wide and narrow nail beds and long fingers.

Features: this shape is considered to be the most feminine. Sometimes it is called an egg shape because there is a slight tapering from the nail bed to the tip of the finger. It elongates the nails and blunt tips make them look delicate.

Square Shape

Finger type: wide nail beds and narrow, long fingers.

Features: this shape is practical as it doesn’t break easily if it is cut short. Originally, it was used for a French manicure, which is always in fashion.

Squoval Shape

Finger type: all types.

Features: curved edges are very soft and they are never too sharp. This combination of a square and an oval shape suits office style best.

Almond Shape

Finger type: thin, long fingers.

Features: the sides of nails are slim, and the edges are rounded. This feminine shape helps to make the fingers look slim and makes your hands more delicate. However, this shape isn’t recommended for weak nails because it is prone to get chipped.

Stiletto Shape

Finger type: long fingers and elongated nails.

Features: stiletto nails are a little bit impractical due to their pointy edges, but they look fancy! This daring shape won’t last long on natural nails because they are prone to breakage, but gel can make it last longer.