4 steps to get your feet into the best shape for Summer!

Not only does your skin become dry in winter causing rough and cracking skin on your heels, but your nails can also become damaged by the harshness of the season. This is definitely not the most attractive look for your feet and so here are our top 4 tips to help your feet looking fresh and beautiful for Summer!
* Scrub your feet with a pedi paddle and granule exfoliant at least once a week.
* Moisturize your skin every night, spending a little extra time on your heels.
* Use a cuticle oil on and around your nails; we recommend O.P.I Cuticle Oil.
* Have regular Pedicures! If you leave the extra cuticle around your nail, it will suck the moisture from where it is needed and so it is important to remove this excess skin from the nail beds. After a good scrub, clean cuticles and polished nails, your feet will look ready for Summer!