Free Eye Shampoo with Eyelash Extension treatments!

~ Limited Time Offer ~

It is very important to keep your eyelashes clean and free of residue for their health.
When you have eyelash extensions, we know that to remove your make up and rub strongly around the eyelid will make them come off more easily. Because of this, we tend to not wash off any residue properly, which can leave your eyelashes weak, inflamed and dirty. Even just trying to remove all mascara when you don’t have extensions on is a difficult task and more times then lot there will be a lot of residue left.
With the fine nature of this eye shampoo foam, it will clean down to the base of your lashes to remove sebum and left-over make up between your eyelashes and eyelash extensions with ease. 

This treatment will help to prepare your lashes for the extension treatment and also helps to makes the glue stick a lot better!

Offer ends January 31st