Wake up Dull Winter Skin

Wind and cold weather can leave your skin dull and lifeless – so now it’s time to pay extra special attention to your body’s biggest organ!
Exfoliate the dullness away
Exfoliating not only removes dead cells and superficial waste bi-products, it also stimulates the skins cells to create a youthful radiance and glow. Try light exfoliation daily with an additional stronger exfoliate twice a week to help make the skin look smoother, hydrated and younger!
Brighten with a mask
It is also important to infuse moisture back into the skin. Using a hydrating mask once a week will ensure your skin receives the boost of hydration it needs. For an extra hydration boost, we recommend using a thin layer of a hydrating mask over night. You will see a visible difference in the morning!
Soothe tired eyes
Soothe dry and tired winter eyes by applying a high anti-oxidant serum around the eye area under your evening moisturizing. A good serum should not only re-hydrate your skin, but also plump out the fine lines and help reverse the signs of premature aging.
For an extra boost, I recommend adding the Eye Salvation Enhancer to your facial or massage to reduce puffiness, redness and also re-hydrate your eye area.
Consider a natural self tanner
Sun damage is the leading cause of premature aging. Whilst some sun exposure is healthy, overexposure may cause dehydration, spots and wrinkles. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily and try an organic self tanner that will give you a healthy glow without the sun or chemicals.

winter skin
Steps to revitalising dull winter skin