Skincare for children

When choosing the brand of products to be used, be careful of clever marketing as brands such as Johnson and Johnson, and Clearasil as they actually do more harm than…

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Gift Voucher Campaign

Buy a gift voucher ¥10,000or more and receive agift pack for free!Available only for the first 15 customers! Conditions: * The voucher must be bought for another person with 6 month…

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PayPay Instructions

As we strive to keep the salon a safe environment, we will be adding a new payment method, PayPay. This is a convenient method of payment in Japan where you…

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Prepare your skin for summer!

Suffering from breakouts on your back? A lot of people suffer from these breakouts due to sweat and oil mixing with dead skin and bacteria in your pores. It is…

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Bounce Back From Colds Quickly & Naturally!

Before you head to your doctor for antibiotics, which can strip your body of good bacteria leaving you more vulnerable to illness, dry skin, and stomach problems, try these tips:…

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Himalayan Salt Scrub Application I will be introducing Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub by Eco Tan Australia and let you know the best way to apply  

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