Tips on how to make your tan last longer!

Before the Tan

* Exfoliate from head to toe preferably the day before tanning. Paying particular attention to areas such as your knees, elbows and ankles. We recommend using Eco Tan’s Extreme Exfoliant Glove and Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub.

* Moisturise after exfoliation one day prior to tanning to prepare your skin.

* Shower on the day of your appointment as close to tanning as possible (try not to sweat after your shower) but not within 30minutes. This is to ensure that your skin is clean, dry and rid of excess natural oils in the skin.

* Avoid using deodorant before you apply your tan as it will create a barrier to the tan’s absorption.

* Do not apply moisturiser prior to tanning as it will hinder the absorption of the tan.

* Where possible, do not wax or have any other hair removal treatments at least 24 hours before your appointment so that there will be enough time for your pores to close (otherwise, you run the risk of a spotty tan). Also, by removing your hair after the tan, you will remove your new tan along with it.

* If you tint your eyebrows, it is better to tint the day before or the day after you tan to avoid the tint interfering with your tanning product

Tan Time

* Where possible, try to wear dark, loose clothing (including underwear) to avoid staining lighter-coloured clothes.

* Where possible, remove all jewellery prior tanning and leave them off until you wash it off.

* Where possible, try to wear thongs/ flip-flops and avoid boots /socks/stockings which may rub off the tan solution.

* If you are tanning for a special occasion, it is best to apply one to two days before the event to ensure you are happy with your colour and to get used to your new colour.

* When applying EcoTan, it is best to apply to clean, dry skin, and apply as much tan as you would a sunscreen. Rub thoroughly and evenly to skin in circular motions, taking care to cover all areas (avoid the heels and soles of feet) and use only the left over tan on your hands to apply to your knees, elbows and ankle. Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after application (if you have surgical gloves, apply the tan with them on, then remove and wipe the back of your hands and fingers on your arms and body to spread it)

After the Tan

* Try not to get wet for 1–2 hours after application.

* Try to avoid activities that will cause excessive perspiration for 12 hours after the tan, even if you are able to wash your tan off after a couple of hours.

* Avoid spraying perfume or applying moisturiser to your face or body until after you have washed the spray tan bronzer off.

* Your tan professional will tell you when you can shower depending on the level of colour depth and your skin requirements, however, when showering, shower only with warm (not hot) water to wash off the excess tan colour.

* After your tan, try to use shower gels rather than harsh soap bars. Avoid using scrubs for at least 7-10 days.

* After a shower, gently pat your skin dry and avoid vigorous rubbing with a towel.

* Keep your skin as moisturised as possible after you tan, this will increase the longevity of the tan and help you avoid the tan wearing off in patches due to dry skin. 

* Your face will always be the first area to fade, simply because you wash it more frequently and because of makeup. It is best to use Eco Tan Face Tan Water to keep giving your face that natural glow.

* Please remember that your tanning product does not contain SPF and you will need to use a product with SPF on a daily basis to avoid sunburn and skin damage.

* Try to avoid activities that naturally exfoliate the skin — such as baths and swimming in a chlorinated pool for at least 12 hours after your spray tan.

* Where possible, try to avoid excessive hand washing prior to washing the tan bronzer off. Baby wipes or wet wipes are a good solution to keep your hands clean.

* If you are going on a holiday to a tropical destination, remember that bug spray, when sprayed directly onto the skin, can remove or fade the tan. Consider spraying your clothing or a “cloud” of spray that you can walk through instead of applying it directly to the skin.

* When your tan is ready to be removed, the best form of removal is simple — a nice shower, and good exfoliation gel and mitts. However, remember to moisturise after you’ve removed the tan.