Shellac Campaign! Shellac キャンペーン!

Shellac Campaign!

We would like to introduce our new treatment, Shellac nails with a campaign!

We are offering the Shellac Manicure with nail care for 20% off! 

Special price off ¥4,800 ! ︎

To further our offer, we will be giving Shellac removal kits for FREE!

This is a limited offer so please make sure you book before the end of the year!

Shellac キャンペーン‼︎

Elana Jade でCND Shellac がスタートしました‼︎

Shellac 導入キャンペーンとしてお得な価格でお試しいただけます‼︎

通常¥6,000円→20%off ¥4,800円(ケア込)さらに‼︎ジェルリムーバーパック(シェラックオフ一回分)プレゼント🎁