Simplicite Rehydration Serum

Rehydration Serum maximises rehydration of skin and so minimises signs of ageing and rebuilds moisture reserves. This pure, concentrated plant serum is perfect for all skin types and for improving the appearance of ageing and fine lines


·   Sesame and Hazelnut – provide important anti-ageing antioxidants to reduce the appearance of sun damage and scarring.

·   Calendula and Carrot – contain natural vitamin A, are anti-inflammatory, restore elasticity.

·   Rosehip – is rich in Trans-Retinoic Acids which improves the look of ageing caused by the sun, repairs damage and restores tone and elasticity.

How to Use

·   Use 1 to 2 pumps the morning and evening,

·   For best results, whilst your face is still wet after spraying the toner over your face, massage serum gently into face, neck and décolletage.·   Tip: apply Rehydration Serum under the Plant Mask for your skin type to infuse nutrients and to obtain even more beneficial results.