Discover your skin’s undertone and nail colours to match!

Before you go ahead and choose a polish colour for your nails, it is best to know the undertone of your skin. The right shade can make your hands look younger, make your skin look more tanned, make your nails look longer, or even make your fingers look slimmer!

Choosing a polish colour that doesn’t work for your skin tone might look ok, but it won’t have that wow factor that gets the compliments rollin’ in.

Different colours flatter different skin tones so here are a few different tests that you can do at home to help determine your undertone:

The White Paper Test

Hold a stark white piece of paper up against your hands. Notice a yellowish hue? You probably have warm undertones. If you find pink or bluish red hues, you probably have cool undertones. If you can’t see pink or yellow, you most likely have neutral tones.

The Vein Test

Green veins usually point to warm undertones. Blue to purple veins lean towards cool undertones, and green or yellowish looking veins means you have a warm undertone. Veins that blend into your skin or hard to tell the colour, can mean you’ve got neutral undertones.

The Tanning Test

If you tanned easily in the past, you likely have warmer undertones. If you tend to get red or burn in the sun without sunscreen, then you likely have cool undertones. Neutrals may tan fairly well, but might have to control their exposure and do it gradually.

Once you have discovered which skin undertone you have, here are some colour ideas that will match your skin undertone:

Fair Skin

Cool: Pastel colours with cool tones look amazing on fair cools such as cool greys, pastel blues, lavender purples, baby pinks, cool greens & rose pinks.

Warm: Try to avoid harsh strong colours and opt for a delicate palette. Bright peaches and corals, pale and warm pinks, Reddish purples, Light teals & creamy ivory shades

Neutral: You should be able to wear most of the nail colours listed above for either cool or warm fair skin. You may find that some colours seem to work slightly better than others, depending on your specific tone, so feel free to experiment with all of the colours and see which ones you like best.

Medium Skin

Cool: Jewel tones are great for medium cools. Silver, Bluish Greys, Emerald greens, Sapphire blues, Violet shades & Ruby reds.

Warm: Matches best with rich earthy tones that are not too vibrant. Light to mid browns, Tan shades, Ivory, Lime Greens, Golds, Corals, Oranges, Peach, Coppers, and yellow. 

Neutral: You can carry off a very wide range of nail polish shades, but look for nail polish colours that are vibrant without being overpowering.

Dark Skin

Cool: Bright jewel tones look great. Stark white, Royal blue, Deep purple, Fuchsia, Emerald greens, Carnation red/pink, and Violet.

Warm: You can enhance your complexion with rich earthy colours. Brown, Gold, Olive green, Cream, Mustard, Cranberry reds, and Copper. 

Neutral: You should be able to carry off most of the colours for either dark cools or dark warms.

Credited: Nail How