Conni Active Briefs!

Urinary Incontinence (UI) is something us women would prefer not to talk about but unfortunately can be a real problem. Especially in my job as a personal fitness trainer, I have had a lot of women complain about having UI and even have some clients stop exercising, especially jumping exercises, and run to the ladies room. Of course it is important to retrain the muscles with Pelvic Floor exercises but even then there still can be some leaking from time-to-time. 

I have recently discovered Conni Active Brief undergarment that has a soft, absorbent lining allowing you to remain dry and comfortable. They are reusable for countless washes and more cost effective and environmentally sound than disposables. It has an in-built absorbent panty pad and is designed for light incontinence, sweating and menstruation.

Conni has other undergarments for women, men, toilet training and bed wetting products for kids and more! To find out more, visit there website here