PayPay Instructions

As we strive to keep the salon a safe environment, we will be adding a new payment method, PayPay. This is a convenient method of payment in Japan where you…

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Eco Tan – Coconut Body Milk

With a luxurious blend of organic aloe vera, coconut oil, avocado and jojoba, Coconut Body Milk soothes skin and delivers intense nourishment. It is a rich organic body lotion perfect for…

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[:en]Christmas Skincare Packs![:ja]クリスマス限定 スキンケアキット![:]

[:en] We have you covered for all your holiday gifts with 5 great skincare gift packs for your friends & loved ones! [:ja] クリスマス限定のスキンケアキットを全部で5種類ご用意しました。 お友達や彼へのプレゼントにいかがですか? [:]

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