[:en]Elanas top 10 Anti-Aging tips[:ja]エラナからの10個のアンチエイジングアドバイス[:]

1. Don’t Neglect the Neck & Décolleté!
These areas need to be cleansed, moisturized and protected as they are one of the first areas to show premature aging.
2. Exercise the face muscles
Just as you need to exercise to keep the vitality of the muscles in your body, it is important that you exercise the muscles in your face to avoid sagging and loss of elasticity. Regular facials with special lifting techniques can stimulate the skins elastin, improves circulation and fights premature aging.
3. Exercise Regularly
Exercise increases your blood circulation which allows the body to push more oxygenated blood nutrients throughout the body. This increase radiance & cellular turnover helping to prevent premature aging.
4. Get your Beauty Sleep
Your skin repairs most between 10:30pm to 2am. The skin can only function at its optimal level if the other systems have slowed (when your sleep) where it can then repair the damage that has been created throughout the day. Lack of sleep also causes stress, which can result in breakouts, deep circles under eyes and create a hormonal imbalance (just to name a few).
5. Eat healthy
Consume food rich in antioxidants like Acai berry, and other fresh organic fruits and vegetables to maintain balanced hormones, energy and radiance. Also, you need lots of omega 3, vitamin C and vitamin E to restore skin collagen.
6. Use Sunscreen
Some sun exposure is healthy, but too much can be extremely bad for the skin and may cause premature aging and age spots. Using an Organic (most sunscreens are chemical laden and therefore should be avoided, especially children) sunscreen everyday is a must.
7. Exfoliate daily
As we age, our skin regeneration becomes slower. Therefore, the older we get, the more we need to exfoliate. If cell regeneration becomes too slow, wrinkles and dehydration will occur.
8. Moisturise morning and night
After cleansing, a quality natural toner and moisturiser should be applied. As we cleanse, the skins own natural defense mechanism (PH Level) is stripped. By using an organic toner, we restore the PH Balance of the skin. To add extra protection, an organic moisturiser should be applied to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and prevent water loss via the skin. Applying a moisturizer at night hydrates and restores your skins balance.
9. Maintain good posture
Standing straight makes you look confident and younger. In correct posture, your body’s energy flow is optimal, which means your organs (including the skin) & body functions are working efficiently.
10. Don’t use chemicals!
Just as you wouldn’t swallow a chemical substance, it is damaging to put products that contain chemicals on your skin. Your skin is like thousands of tiny mouths that absorb those chemicals into the blood stream. Using chemical laden products can cause dehydration, decrease cellular turnover, decrease the production of collagen and will cause premature aging.[:ja]
5. ヘルシーな食べ物を…
背筋を伸ばして真っ直ぐ姿勢を保つことで若々しく自信があるように見えます。 良い姿勢は身体全体にエネルギーを行き渡らせます。そして臓器(お肌も臓器の一つです)を効果的に働かせます。