5 tips to keep your skin looking its best in cooler weather!

Change to a more gentle moisturising cleanser

Usually over the summer we use a stronger cleanser to get rid of the excess oil. However, in cooler weather this type of cleanser may be too drying and may strip away the good oil as well as the bad to leave an un-moisturised surface.  This is why I recommend switching to a milk or cream cleanser.

Change to a thicker moisturiser

Around this time of year I recommend transitioning to a thicker moisturiser to create a stronger barrier of protection from environmental aggressors. As you run out of your current moisturiser, look to a denser one or start using a serum underneath your existing cream during the day to help the first protection barrier. Also, don’t forget to moisturise your body and especially your hands!

Use a hydrating mask

Give yourself a mini-facial once a week by using a hydrating mask after exfoliating. A high performance organic mask will infuse vitamin and minerals into the skin to help brighten and improve tone whilst keeping it hydrated and moisturised.


Removing the dead cells off your face and body will help increase the penetration for your moisturiser and hydrating masks. After exfoliating your face, lips, hands and body, immediately apply moisturiser to truly see a difference in the smoothness of your skin.


Just because you’re not sweating, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to drink water! During this time of year, most peoples’ water intake is considerably lower than the summer months. Be sure you still drink plenty of water to keep the inside as well as the outside of your body healthy, luminous and functioning optimally.