5 steps to treat large pores

Pores are little openings on your skin, which have 3 major roles:
1. Eliminate dead skin cells
2. Create openings for hair follicles
3. Produce and release a natural oil to the skin surface called sebum.
Everyone has pores, but why are some peoples larger then others?
Genetics play a big role in the size of ones pores. If your parents had large pores in their teens and 20’s, then you are most likely to have larger pores too. Other causes for large pores can be excess oil mixed with other substances, such as dead skin and pollutants, which can cause clogging.
Even if you have large pores through genetics, you can help keep them clean and reduce stretching of the pores and risk turning them into a blackhead by following the 5 steps below:
1/ Don’t use harsh soaps or cleansers and avoid products with drying, harsh ingredients.
2/ Keep skin exfoliated as this helps to remove the dead cells that can block your pores.
3/ After cleansing, ensure you rehydrate and moisturize with a serum and moisturizer.
4/ Always wash your makeup off before you go to bed.
5/ Have regular facials with extractions to help remove clogged pores.
One common mistake is trying to remove all oil from the skin with harsh soaps and cleansers. This is not recommended as your body will think it is not naturally producing enough oil and it will secrete more!
Stick to the 5 steps above and in no time you will have your skin looking and feeling its best!