The 5CC lifestyle for 2020 : From Club 360 Tokyo

A wise person once said to me that youth was a time of expansion on all frontiers and that adulthood was a time to pick your battles wisely.
Now once adulthood is achieved and the responsibilities begins to build upon those now well learned and established areas of a person. Then a person must consider and choose carefully where they would wish to grow next in life as time and energy restraints will be much higher. T there comes a time where at maximum two out of the three priorities must be merely maintained while at least one grows and of course the cycle repeats once that has been achieved with another one of the three priorities being switched to the focus of growth. This attitude always helped me know if I was going to progress my physical or maintain it month on month. After all an unhealthy mind (e.g: poor nutritional discipline and unhealthy addictions and habits etc etc) creates an unhealthy body and a unhealthy body certainly creates an unhealthy mind which is lethargic, unfocused and not motivated to meet challenges head on to be even stimulated enough to grow.
So what is the 5CC? Well quite simply its this:
Column 1: Training.
Always always always be assessed first by a professional so you learn how to train safely and effectively is the best advice I could ever give you. Your body is unique and should be respected and trained as such.
Column 2: Nutrition.
Have you ever heard the saying it’s all about the calories or the macros??? Well that is only half the story but let me tell you calories in and calories out so your consuming less then you burn daily is only therefore is only half the approach. The other half is one calorie is not equal to another calorie and that must be taken into consideration as it makes a difference too.
Column 3: Recovery.
Have you ever heard of overtraining where you train so much you begin to lose the benefits and begin to actually cause damage to your body and stress it to the point a hormone called cortisol begins to raise and make injury, illness and even gaining weight more likely. Well you can reach the same place by under recovering which is far more common.
Column 4: Stress management.
There are all types of stress for example physical and mental like work, relationships, financial worry’s & environmental & that’s but just a few from the endless list. Stress is a killer, please make no mistake about that. Stress always effects appetite too and your weight even if it means you lose or gain. Also Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a big side effect of high stress & increase’s the risk of cardiovascular disease & stroke.
Column 5: Toxin management.
I will keep this simple the 2 biggest causes of cancer are smoking and alcohol. These are two very big toxins to the body that disrupt your very DNA and balance.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my 5CC method and the basics of how I balance my life and keep the momentum focused on ever progressing forward. Have a great day and I wish you and yours the best for 2020